Funny Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Talking to your boyfriend over text can be a great way to keep your relationship interesting. It’s an ideal way to stay connected and share funny moments throughout the day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make your boyfriend laugh and show your goofy side. If you’re looking for some funny things to talk about with your boyfriend over text, this article is for you! Here, you’ll find a variety of topics to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face and some creative ways to get the conversation going. So, grab your phone and let’s get started!

Funny Jokes To Tell Your Boyfriend

Fun Texts

1. Hey, what’s up?

  1. Just wanted to check in and see how your day is going.
  2. I had a really fun day today!
  3. Wanna tell me about it?
  4. How was your night?

Complimenting: Compliments

  1. “I really appreciate the way you always know just what to say to make me feel better.”

    2. “You always know how to make me laugh, even when things are tough.”

    3. “Your sense of humor is really something special, I love getting to know you better through your jokes.”

    4. “Your ability to make me feel happy is really something special, I love spending time with you.”

    5. “You’re such an amazing friend and I love getting to know you better through our conversations.”

Ask Questions: Thought Provoking

1. Hey, what’s up?

  1. I was just thinking about you…
  2. How was your day?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do?
  4. What’s your least favorite thing to do?

Tease or Joke: Lighthearted Humor

I love when my boyfriend starts texting me funny things in the middle of the night. It’s the best way to start the day. Whether it’s a one-liner or a full story, I love how he can make me laugh. Plus, it’s a great way to show that he cares about me.

Share Experiences: Shared Memories

  1. We can always talk about funny things that have happened to us over text. Whether it’s something that happened to us when we were just walking around town, or something that happened during a more serious discussion, we can always have a laugh about it.
  2. We can also share experiences that we’ve shared together. For example, if I was having a really tough day at work, and my boyfriend texts me to say that he’s having a good one, that can really make me feel better.
  3. We can also share memories. For example, when we were dating and we went on our first official date, or when we first started spending time together.
  4. Lastly, we can talk about anything that’s on our mind. Whether it’s our day, our week, or our life, we can talk about anything and everything.
  5. And of course, we can always make each other laugh. That’s what really matters most, after all!

Inside Jokes: Bring on the Laughs

1. “So, what’re you up to tonight?”

  1. “I’m just about to finish up work. What about you?”
  2. “I’m just getting home from grocery shopping. Want to come over and help me unload?”
  3. “Ummm, so, how’s your day been? I’ve been really busy.”
  4. “So, have you decided what you’re going to wear to our date night yet?”

Conclusion: Keep it Fun

“Hey, wanna do something fun tonight?”
“Yeah, sounds like a good idea! What have you got in mind?”
“We could go out to dinner and then maybe see a movie or something afterwards.”
“That sounds like a fun plan! I’ll see you in a bit.”

Once I arrived at the restaurant, I saw that my boyfriend had already ordered for us.

“Hey there! I thought you might like to order for us.”
“Sounds great! What are you in the mood for?”
“I’m actually in the mood for Mexican so I think we’ll order that.”
“Great! I’m glad you’re happy! Let’s enjoy our dinner.”

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