Destination: Unknown

broken heart

They came together because of loneliness.
They wanted companionship
They wanted to experience love again.

Misunderstanding arise
Love needs mending
Stubborn feelings set in
Ego came between

Destination now..




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8 Responses to “Destination: Unknown”

  1. Shemah says:

    This is so beautiful and yet so sad.. 🙁 I hope it has nothing to do with you personally, though. Anyways, hope you’re doing ok, LJ! I read about Jam Jam and I hope your baby is doing fine! PRayers for you and Jam! 🙂

    • LadyJava says:

      Hiya Shemah.. it is sad when two pple cant get over their ego and just continue to love each other..
      Oh no.. this is definitely not me personally.. just about someone who is going through the situation

      Thanks sweetie.. Jam2 is strong so hopefully all will go smoothly today..
      My recent post Happy 1st Birthday Jam Jam

    • BellaEnveeus says:

      But if they can put the ego aside, the destination is still unknown, it's just that they'll go towards the end together..

      Anyways, though I don't know who or what this is for, what i do know is that there are no problem that cannot be solved. Sometimes it takes one person to do something, sometimes it takes two. Find the mother of the problem, fix it and make sure not to repeat it again..

      Happy weekend LJ!
      My recent post August 2011 Top Commenter

  2. Mariuca says:

    Misunderstandings occur in every relasi, whether can resolve or not is a whole other issue.. hope your friend works through this just fine.. sometimes if really no other way out, then destination will be unknown indeed… have a great weekend LJ!
    My recent post MM – Tumbling Down by Gabrielle *

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