Life is nothing without you in my life

Over time, my love just gets stronger

Varied backgrounds we come from yet

Everything falls into place when we’re together


First Two Commenter Gets FCSB Point from LadyJava.
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Lil | Mariuca
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21 Responses to “L.O.V.E”

  1. @lilyarbee says:

    Hope I get lucky this time with a chop, long time no chop!
    My recent post MUSIC MONDAY- Lost in your eyes by Debbie Gibson

  2. @Mariuca says:

    Woo hoo LJ in lovey dovey mood tonight, so nice to see LD updated dearie, love it! 😀
    My recent post Food Trip Friday 1 – Pai Tee

  3. @Mariuca says:

    Love is in da air! 🙂
    My recent post Food Trip Friday 1 – Pai Tee

  4. @lilyarbee says:

    Your this blog is new to me, the title speaks for itself, I will try to visit you here more often.

    Believe it or not, it's almost 4.00 am Sunday morning and here I am writing a comment here. I worked today clearing the deadline till masuk Maghrib, so solat Maghirb at my office surau, then went to town. Got back almost 11.00 pm. Once arrived home, got no choice but to feed all the cats, in the living and also those in the Master bed room. Here it took me longer hour because there 11 cats here, you better believe, these cats steal my Master bed room. Mandi,l pray Insha'
    Allah, I thought of posting FF but I am too sleepy suddenly! Maybe tomorron then.

    Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead. Hugs always,
    My recent post MUSIC MONDAY- Lost in your eyes by Debbie Gibson

    • LadyJava says:

      oh you have 11 cats here with you? oh wow.. they took over your living and master bedroom? you can't fit them all into the master bedroom and convert that to a kitty room Lil? At least tak lah you have to clean so many areas.. poor you.. must be tired after work kan…

  5. @Mariuca says:

    Hahahah u mean belum 5 posts? cepat la! :D:D:D
    My recent post MMM on EC!

  6. @lilyarbee says:

    You two love birds still missing each other ke? That's nice to know. It's a good feeling to love and be loved always but of course with the one you really like.

    I like to quote here a few lines from a song, "More than I can say" It goes like this:

    I love you more than I can say, I love you every single day. I love you twice as much tomorrow. Woo, Woo, Love you more than I can say ……….

    Listen to this, dedicate to you love birds"

    This is for you and A.

    I love you too but between a girl and a friend lah!

    Hugs always,
    My recent post MUSIC MONDAY- Lost in your eyes by Debbie Gibson

  7. Monica says:

    woot so romantic…xD:D
    My recent post Do You Hear What I Hear

  8. @lilyarbee says:

    my own cats 6, Terengganu cats 3 and 2 growing up kittens rescued at CasaRia even though I thought of stopping since they are just kittens. Now anybody who see them sure want them, they have turned out to be soooo beautiful, one I call Fluffy and the other Chocolates, must post at FF with pictures!

    At the living 4 of my own cats including Nicky the cat yg sakit tu. So I still have 13 cats and 2 kittens, altog. 15 in number todate.

    My recent post MUSIC MONDAY- Lost in your eyes by Debbie Gibson

  9. @lilyarbee says:

    Talking about "Love" sleepy pun bolih get carried away, hehehe…………
    Hati ni nak pi post FF sangat sangat, mata dah layu, kesian Marzie, entah lah, hopefully the link belum close. Entah apa nanti I merepek dgn soooooooo sleepy ni!

    Love you guys,

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